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Inside Origin of Mind: Concept-boarding with Youth Radio

Posted by Alex Fox on

In this series, we share our design process and the stories behind our products.

At the heart of each of our collections is a problem we wish to solve, or a question we want to pose: What is the issue? Why does it matter? Does it have to be this way…?

Traditional apparel concepting might begin with a brainstorm around a function or feel they’re trying to create. Whether it be military-inspired workwear, East-Asian floral motifs, or a tribute to 80’s Horror films — these are typically focused primarily on the look or trend.

Our early brainstorming always starts with our communities. We ask friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens: what’s on your mind? What topics do you care about most today? What issues most affect your daily life? How can we work together to solve these problems?

That’s how we arrived at our first collection: on Education. There’s so much happening in this space right now folks want more information about, and so much at stake. Moreover, the well-being and future of our children is something we can all get behind, across divides.

Our first step in designing is always to start with discussion and engagement.

If we were going to be talking about Education and challenges impacting our youth today, it was necessary that we talk to students and learn more about their perspectives first-hand.

So, we sat down with students at Youth Radio in a series of creative design workshops to uncover the roots of the issue. Together, we examined the question: “What is Educational Equity?”, worked to define it, brainstormed creative ways to represent it, and shared ideas in solving some core challenges.

Students put together their own vision boards to showcase other topics that were on their mind, drawing inspiration from books, music, magazines, and current events.

This influence can be seen in the topics we chose for our education collection, which centers on equity, equality, diversity, and representation.

To see the final collection on Education, explore our page at http://originofmind.clothing. To stay up to date on what we’re working on, follow us @originofmind or @originofmind_ on Twitter.

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