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Prison Gerrymandering: NAACP Sues Connecticut

Posted by Alex Fox on

What is prison gerrymandering? For the 2020 Census, incarcerated people will continue to be counted at their correctional facility and NOT at their home. This means political power is taken away from communities of color, and given to (largely white) rural residents.

Last week, the NAACP sued Connecticut over this practice, which deeply impacts representation and allocation of government funds. Residents in rural districts - already underpopulated yet over-represented - gain greater voting power, while residents in city centers have their political voices suppressed.



“The Census Bureau isn’t treating [prisoners] with the kind of care and deference that they treat boarding school students who are predominantly white and wealthy... It’s a group of people that’s easy to marginalize. You pack them all in the wrong place and two decades go by, and you have a lot of people who are now starting to care about it, but for decades it wasn’t something that was even noticed. It’s kind of a sad statement on how marginalized the population is.”

Aleks Kajstura, Prison Policy Initiative


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