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on Education

This collection is designed to highlight realities in educational equity and (in)equality in the US. 10% of proceeds on this collection go to support Youth Radio in Oakland, CA.
What happens when America's public schools become increasingly separated by race and class?

Why do high-poverty schools often receive less state and local funding than other schools in their district?


      CFJ edu workshop
      In workshops with our community partners, we listen to and learn about the experiences and challenges that are most top-of-mind for students and educators. 
      education workshop brainstorm
      Using public data, we start to map out the realities of resource disparities across demographic groups, and its impact. Today's students are increasingly likely to attend schools isolated by race and class.

      We emphasized clean lines, graphs, and black-and-white contrasts to accent the theme of Education and the contrast between equity and reality. 


      We support organizations doing positive work to address these challenges. To learn more about our work in our communities, follow us or subscribe to our newsletter.