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Gifts That Give Back

creative design workshop with students at Youth Radio

When we launched Origin of Mind this year, we had one goal: engage in conversation around important social issues. Since then, we've been overwhelmed by the support you've shown in making this happen.


This holiday, we want to thank you while maintaining our commitment toward social change.

We're donating an extra $10 on all orders for the rest of the year to support youth development at Youth Radio. We're also giving you $10 off, as a thank you for helping us to advance the conversation on Education.

 Abby creating a vision board during our creative design workshop

We believe that engaging passionate individuals is the key to furthering conversation, bridging gaps, and inspiring creative action on critical issues like Education. 

We’re proud to partner with such a passionate group of individuals at Youth Radio, who are committed to the future of our community.

Your gift will go toward programming and internships for students in media and journalism, helping youth apply storytelling to transform their communities.

To further spread the word, share what you're passionate about and what you're doing to make a difference. Post on social and tag us @originofmind, or email fox@originofmind.clothing with something you're thinking about. Together, let's make this holiday season one of giving back and doing good.